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Koh Phangan Plumbers and Plumbing Services

We realize that plumbing systems today are far more
complex than ever. Phangan Plumbers are here for you..

Koh Phangan Plumbers at Phangan Living – For all your Water, Electrical and Building Needs.

From a simple leaking tap to complete installations of a wide variety of building projects we aim to offer total Water Solutions at a fair price. With all our work carried out to western standards we guarantee job satisfaction.

With our on site western trained English and Thai speaking site manager we will overcome the hardest of obstacles. Capable of speaking both English and Thai and with a well deserved reputation for quality and reliability backed up by long term relationships with many clients and consultants.

With over 30 years experience throughout the UK and Europe and over 10 years experience of plumbing and building in Koh Phangan we pride ourselves on achieving results and surpassing expectations on every project we undertake. We inspect your entire plumbing system from water meter or deep well, filtration system, holding tank and valve to water pump and shut off valves.

We Offer Reliable Services for All Plumbing Systems

phangan plumber

Phangan Plumbing Services

We perform a full inspection on your water tank, pump, pipes, faucets and appliances to analyze your water consumption and determine any leakage. pumped systems swimming pool systems hot water soloutions bathroom renovations or installations kitchens drainage.

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Contact us now to get quote

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